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Images of Culture Pt. 2

A mural tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as the University of Memphis Tigers on south Third Street in Memphis, TN.

The face of King is distorted with very simple lettering “Dr. King” on the side. Starting with the back of his head, the severe melting and feathering patterns helps to reason why the face is so distorted. Perhaps this image is of the moment the bullet struck Dr. King’s head. 

The white color that encircles and invades the space of the portrait can be seen as a representation of his legacy partially consumed by whiteness and whitewashed.

Although, the style and composition could just be a product of an untrained artist, a person who felt inspired to paint a visual reminder of one of the world’s most profound leaders.

The strong, contrasted black on white image pulled me in to the parking lot, empty except for all the loose relics and refuse of life.



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