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Almost one year to date since my last post. A lot can happen in a couple years time, since my academic focus as on the title of the blog.  It’s still a part of me very much and a part of my progression into new culture studies~ a cultural aspect of my own blood.

For now, I’m keeping the name, Arts of Africa and African Diaspora. The scope will change and subject broaden. My intention is to blog about my experiences and insights into what I’ve done over the last couple years, happenings around me in the present, and where this leads to; as of present I haven’t a mentor or teacher as I usually do, thus entering independent studies.

What I have to offer is more intimate and focused on my family’s town south of Sidon and culture of the South. Less scholarly and more journalistic, some documentary some commentary- still some about ‘arts of Africa and African diaspora’. I am interested to see how this unfolds as I continue to blog and the diasporas intersect. .
Peace ~Leila

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